Monday, March 28, 2011


This week's entry for Mixtape Mondays is a throwback from back in the days when mixtapes were actually recorded on cassette tapes. The name of this old school mix is called "The Legendary Kid Capri 10/9" by DJ Kid Capri (aka The Italian Stallion aka The Almighty Whitey aka Straight From The Boogie Down Bronx), one of the best DJ's in hip-hop history. Not only has Capri been holding it down for over 25 years, but he also pioneered & elevated the way DJ's made mixtapes. This tape came out in Fall 1989 & it's known for having one of the best "intros" ever. Capri starts the "intro" off with the vocals from Stephanie Mills "Something In The Way You Make Me Feel" & scratches in the drums from The Honey Drippers "Impeach The President", creating one of the first blends ever recorded (a blend back then was the beginning stages of what we call mash-ups today). If you walked down 125th street at that time, you'd hear nothing but the this Stephanie Mills x Honey Drippers blend being played nonstop from block to block. It's been over 22 years later & you can still find Kid Capri travelling around the world, still holding down his title as one of the best DJ's to ever rock a party. Enjoy Knyewtrons...Neva.

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