Monday, November 29, 2010


A few weeks ago, I connected with my boy Jordan at FREE GOLD WATCH and we discussed a few ideas for a possible collaboration t-shirt for KNYEW's 3 Year Anniversary. One of my favorite tees of all time was the "Ace Rothstein" tee we did together in 2009 and I wanted to stay in that same theme of old time gangsters in Las Vegas during her earlier years. Jordan brought up the infamous Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, a suave Brooklyn gangster from the 1930's who became notoriously known for opening one of the first luxury hotels on the strip and bringing mafia investors and Hollywood celebrities into Las Vegas.

Bugsy, known for being "crazier than a bug", worked for mob boss Charles "Lucky" Luciano's infamous Murder Inc Association early in NYC and also helped Arnold Rothstein deliver illegal liquor during prohibition (you may recognize Luciano's & Rothstein's names from the new HBO series "Boardwalk Empire"). He later moved to Hollywood where he mingled with the stars and later used his show biz connections and mafia ties to open The Flamingo Hotel. Needless to say, Bugsy is definitely our type of gangster, using his dapper looks & NYC hustle mentality to legitimize mob money, con the rich & famous, light the spark and bring the neon lights to one of the illest cities in the country...Las Vegas.

When Jordan sent me the final draft for our "Bugsy" tee, I really loved all the subtle details FGW incorporated into the design. On the bottom left hand corner, you'll notice the reference to our 3 Year Anniversary from the scratches in Bugsy's mugshot photo. FGW also altered Bugsy's mugshot sign by adding KNYEW's "11-23-07" opening date and the "LVPD" reference to Las Vegas. Even though KNYEW was conceived in New York, it's obvious that we're doing our dirt and slangin' our shit in the city of Las Vegas. No better way of explaining our name..."Keeping New York Every Where"

We'll be releasing this tee on Saturday, Dec.4th for our Block Party with Fuku Burger. We're really proud of this anniversary and we have to thank Jordan and all the staff at FREE GOLD WATCH for all the incredible work. See yall Saturday...
Crooked signing out!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

KNYEW Nominated For "Best Boutique"

This Thursday, Dec.2nd is throwing their First Annual 2010 Localites Awards at HAZE Nightclub in the Aria. It looks like KNYEW was nominated along with our boy Chris Julien & the FRUITION Family for their "Best Boutique" category. If any of you guys get a chance, log onto to and vote for your favorite hot spots in Las Vegas. Support your boys at KNYEW & FRUITION...Crooked signing out!!

Friday, November 26, 2010


Everyone Loves BLACK FRIDAY!!!

Who doesn't love Black Friday? All our loyal Knyewtrons came out this morning and stood on line for hours just to stock up on some major streetwear savings. Some kids even camped out overnight...crazy!!! When our doors opened at 9am, the rush of people came pouring in and didn't stop till the afternoon. And as quickly as Black Friday erupted, it disappeared, leaving nothing but egg mcmuffin wrappers and empty Starbucks cups behind. Thanks Las Vegas, once again, for coming through and supporting KNYEW! See yall next weekend, Saturday Dec.4th when our 3 Year Anniversary continues with an in-store Block Party with Vegas' favorite food truck Fuku Burger...more details coming soon. Crooked signing out!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

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