Thursday, September 11, 2008


Time's is ruff!!! That's what everyone keeps telling me. I got people asking me all the time, "Yo Crooked, I need some new gear but Bush is killing me right now. When you gon' have another sale?". To be honest, I don't really know...but it got me thinking. What am I doing to help out our customers who've supported us for the past year?

Finally it came to me....KNYEW MONEY!!!
With every purchase made at the shop, we're giving away KNYEW MONEY which is good for 10% off all clothing and apparel at the store. Sale items not included.
Print out a copy of the "KNYEW MONEY PIC" below and bring it the shop for instant savings. Feel free to use our KNYEW MONEY anytime but remember that's it's only good for one sales transaction per person. Take advantage of it while it lasts...And as an added bonus. I'm giving 15% off to any and all students who come to the shop with a valid Student I.D. Just show us your Student I.D. at the register and we'll hook you up on the items not included
We appreciate everyone's support and I hope this helps out a lil'
Thanks LAS VEGAS!!!

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