Tuesday, June 24, 2008

STAPLE: Summer Delivery

Monday, June 16, 2008

CROOKS & CASTLES: Summer Delivery

New Crooks & Castles is in the building right now and the shit is fire. Two words..."crack cocaine". Come thru and claim yours now, ez

Saturday, June 14, 2008

DJ OB-One's Mix CD "CLASH"

Ben Garcia aka DJ OB-One...what can I say about this dude? He's a die hard Las Vegas local, a Beverly Hills nose job recipient, the resident DJ at Moon & Playboy Club in the Palms, an accomplished KNYEW Clothing Boutique supermodel and a former Muay Thai champion??? Check our boy out on this MTV True Life documentary clip on Muay Thai fighting.

No fucking around SON!!! Hahahahaha...
Anyhow, this gentle flower has blessed us once again with another great mix cd. It's a dope compilation of all the current house, hip-hop, electro, and baltimore club bangers that's popping right now. Check out the free download and look out for our boy Ben at a nightclub near you's.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

FREE GOLD WATCH: Mens Summer Delivery

Free Gold Watch is definitely one of my favorite brands right now. They've got next level designs and amazing print work screened on American Apparel t-shirts. We're happy to welcome FGW into the KNYEW family...come thru, check'em out and claim yours!!!

FREE GOLD WATCH: Womens Summer Delivery

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

THE MAJORS in Visalia, CA

Kenny happened to stumble onto this blogsite from THE MAJORS, a new streetwear shop in Visalia, CA. They got alot of dope shit like Triumvir, Caked Out, Free Gold Watch and Fabricali. On a side note, I happened to stop through Fabricali's flagship store in San Diego a couple weeks ago with my man DJ Beatnick whose actually good friends with the owner (really great ideas & awesome print work). Check'em out some time.

Anyhow, in the midst of our blog browsing, we happened to stumble onto something very familiar. It seemed uncanny at the time, but it appeared as though KNYEW & THE MAJORS had very similar bio's written up in the "about us" sections. I recognized it instantly cause I remember copying ours from Krudmart.com's "history" page (hahahahaha). Either way, if this were highschool, one of us would've gotten expelled and it ain't us (LOL).
You be the judge...

Taco Connoisseur...hahahahahaha, brilliant!
Needless to say, we got a good laugh out of it. And now we know there's a dope shop in Visalia, CA that we can stop at to grab some gear if we're ever in town. Holler @ the KNYEW boyz fellas...best of luck on the store and don't be a stranger!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Last Saturday & Sunday, we had a huge Summer Sale at the shop. A bunch of our friends and loyal customers came thru to help out, hang out, drink some brew and spend some money. It was an insanely hectic weekend but it was a blast. Thanks to everyone who took the time to make it down and support KNYEW. Check it out...

A grumpy and hung over Neva trying to hook-up our DJ setup
Many thanks to our boy Brian from JET for the amp & speakers
It was our mistake leaving the door open while we were setting up
cause we got bum rushed by the ill mob
There was a slight line but everyone left happy...
Our intern did a hell of a job this weekend...thanks Dino!
DJ iKon from Moon & Playboy Club, still drunk from the night before
We had to get the day started off right...
DJ ikon and Steve 1der taking advantage of the free brewskies
We gotta give Biggie some love too...DJ Alpyne from V-BarDJ Presto One from Body English & Eye CandyDJ Megaman from Dos Caminos & Eye CandyWe had alot of cute kids in the shop this weekend...awwwwwwDJ Steve 1der from JET
DJ Tina T. from Tao
Our boy John from Jet got on the wheels for a lil bit...goodlookin' out
The green room aka our stockroom
The perfect brunch...onion rings, fries, hot wings & cold beer
Someone ate a 'lil too much and caught a food coma
DJ Que from Jet, Bare Pool & Diablos
Supra came thru early to grab some gear
DJ Supra from Tao and Caramel on the 1's & 2's
NYC Pioneer, DJ Mighty Mi from Blush
Neva got on for a few and played some classic joints
Our girls Alexa & Cathy from Jet...thanks for all your help mami!
Our boy, DJ Beatnick from San Diego stopped thru
The rest of the San Diego crew rolled in with our boy Frankie...
Congradulations Paolo!!!
Chris Cutz checking out some Hundreds Tees
DJ Chris Cutz from San Diego
Come by the shop & pick up a free copy of
DJ Ob-One & DJ Five's new mix cd "Vegas Lights"
Sponsored by KNYEW baby!!!
DJ Ob-One from Moon & Playboy Club
We love Ob's reggae sets...crack!!
We stayed busy till the last hour on Sunday...
Thanks to all our customers who came thru all weekend!
After a hectic weekend, me & Neva decided to get fresh & flavorful
in our favorite Rocksmith jackets...lookin' like the streetwear
version of Tubbs & Crockett from Miami Vice...hahahaha!
Untill next time yall...UNO!!!