Saturday, June 14, 2008

DJ OB-One's Mix CD "CLASH"

Ben Garcia aka DJ OB-One...what can I say about this dude? He's a die hard Las Vegas local, a Beverly Hills nose job recipient, the resident DJ at Moon & Playboy Club in the Palms, an accomplished KNYEW Clothing Boutique supermodel and a former Muay Thai champion??? Check our boy out on this MTV True Life documentary clip on Muay Thai fighting.

No fucking around SON!!! Hahahahaha...
Anyhow, this gentle flower has blessed us once again with another great mix cd. It's a dope compilation of all the current house, hip-hop, electro, and baltimore club bangers that's popping right now. Check out the free download and look out for our boy Ben at a nightclub near you's.

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