Tuesday, June 30, 2009

KNYEW featured on 702.TV

A few months ago, around February or March, the KNYEW team was filmed by Voja Radosavljevic and Emily Gimmel for a video piece they were going to feature on the site www.702.tv. Some time had passed and me and the fellas totally forgot about whole taping until Voja hit me up earlier this week letting me know that it was finally done and going to air on Channel 14 (Vegas TV) tonight night, June 25th at 10:30pm. The video is also featured on their site www.702.tv as well as www.LasVegasWeekly.com (the online site for Las Vegas Weekly Magazine). My favorite part has to be the footage of Neva aka Black Panda folding t-shirts and Kenn's jolly ass stocking new eras on the shelves...hahahaha, check it out.

KNYEW featured on 702.TV from DJ Crooked on Vimeo.

The Hundreds were also cool enough to showcase our video piece on their site today at www.TheHundreds.com. Big up to David & Bobby at The Hundreds, goodlooking fellas.

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Chris said...

im digging it, last time i went to knyew, they were mad chill.
keep it up guys.
any stickers avaliable?