Thursday, August 21, 2008

KNYEW in Vapors Magazine

Back in May, our boy Graham Funke came thru to the shop to for a quick interview and a photoshoot for a write-up in VAPORS MAGAZINE. The article is finally out in the latest issue of VAPORS yall, check it out.
From all of us at KNYEW, many thanks to Graham Funke for looking out and making this shit happen.

In Las Vegas, spending your hard-earned cash at the Spearmint Rhino never gets old. That is, unless you’re DJ Crooked, who partnered up with fellow New Yorker, DJ Neva, and kimchi shoe guru Kenn Davenport to open the Knyew (pronounced “new”) earlier this year. “People were telling me to invest in a house,” says Crooked, “But I’m from New York. Who needs a house?”

Crooked pitched the boutique idea to Neva while they were both resident DJs at Sin City’s famed Jet Nightclub, and it struck a chord. “There was nowhere to go out here. It was a void. I would have to fly home to the East Coast for gear,” says Neva. Wasting no time, they set after the guy who could bring the project together.

“I knew them from the sneaker spot I was working at,” says Kenn Davenport of the DJs. “But one day they come in and they’re asking about the light fixtures instead of the new arrivals; that gave it away. I thought they wanted me to consult or get some contacts but really they were recruiting me.” Raised in Seoul, Korea, Kenn was exposed to the burgeoning footwear industry early on, and his impressive collection and knowledge have made him the go-to guy in Nevada’s small streetwear20community.

With the people in place, Crooked and Neva parlayed their top-tier position in Lost Wages’ over-saturated nightlife industry. Considered marquee DJs around town and beyond, they are in a unique position, being both highly visible to the constant onslaught of visitors and friendly with the other DJs, whether resident or featured. “We do well because our clientele run in those circles,” Crooked points out. “So we have a network and resources where marketing is concerned. It opens doors to select the brands we want to work with.”

But the Knyew Boutique is not alone is widening the choices in Las Vegas. Stores like Undefeated have recently rolled into town, hoping to plant a little culture in the desert. Though it’s not a contest, Neva is quick to express: “Any boutique you walk into out here, if they are doing it right, you will get a sense of their culture. It’s all about looking fresh, always about style, having swagger. It benefits Vegas overall. We wanted to bring a piece of us to it, bring that New York culture. I mean, Knyew stands for Keeping New York Every Where.”

Located in Chinatown, the shop is just a jump from the Strip, making easy access for anybody patient enough to weather a casino cab line. But that’s a small price to pay to experience something as unique to Las Vegas as the trapeze act at Circus Circus. Filling the niche that it does, Knyew is bound to become LV’s destination for those who don’t rock button downs and hair gel to clubs, or drink “yards” of margarita from long plastic tubes.

Written by Graham Funke


brianeng said...

Kenn and Crooked,

It was cool meeting both of you with my fam. Your boutique is hot. You guys know how to merchandise your floor(and so did that punk that broke in....hopefully busted homeboy)Not overkill with so many t's hanging on the racks...all you need to show is one.(suite 160 should take a hard look at yours) I should be set with my '08 Hundreds gear and of course my KNYEW tees Kenn hooked me up with!! I'll be contacting you guys for shipping goods to me here in Kirkland. Look forward to doing more business with both of you.

Later...Brian Eng

brianeng said...

Kenn and Crooked,

It was a pleasure meeting both of you when I came in with the fam. Your boutique is hot. You guys know how to merchandise a floor.(Suite 160 should take note) Loving all my Hundreds t's(wanted that black vest w/red plaid) and of course those killer KNYEW t's Kenn hooked me up with!!!
Hope you guys busted that punk who broke in!!!

Brian Eng