Saturday, August 16, 2008


Around 3:24am on Friday night, we had a break-in @ KNYEW. Me and Neva got the call from ADT while we were at the clubs working and headed down to the shop as quickly as we could to check out the scene. When we got to the store, we saw a few Coup De Grace shirts missing as well as some Staple and Triumvir denim. We got the stupid kid on our video cameras and his car has been tagged and identified by the shopping center's security tapes. Needless to say, it's only a matter of time before the lil' dickheads get caught. Rest assured, it's business as usual for all of us at KNYEW. If you guys hear anything or know anyone who might have been involved...let us know. We take very good care of our snitches!!!

It took the kid a while to even break through the
He totally ignored our sale shirts so we're suspecting
the kid is definitely one of our regular store customers
As you can see, he took some of Coup's new fall season tees,
at least he has good taste...hahahahaha
Here's the rock that the lil fucker tossed thru the side windowThe rock made it's way across the showroom and cracked our wallHere I am sweeping up all the shattered glass......While Neva sits at the register with a beer, hahahaha


The Majors said...

I'm sorry to hear of this fella's. Stay up!

Mr.1derful said...

lmao @ neva

Arturo said...

Damn kid...But I think you can use this...It was a blessing in disguise. use that Stone picture throw in a cool saying and you got your next kool tee...