Saturday, January 17, 2009

KNYEW Anniversary Party @ Cathouse Pt.2

Here's some more pics taken by C'est Lavie, a new site on fashion and entertainment news originally from Las Vegas. They've looked out for the boys at KNYEW by spreading the word out on the shop and the one year anniversary. Check out their site at

KNYEW x TRENDSETTER THURS...woof!!!Kenny showing off his clean ass hands after washing upNeva & Supra also showing off their freshly clean hands & fingersDJ Ikon from BEAT CLAN, OB-One and DJ Skratchy from TAODJ OB-One and DJ Supra making it happen in the boothDJ G-Squared from JET & BLUSH repping Bean Town for the nightNeva looks mesmerized, I wonder what he's looking at so intently?
Ahhhh, I see what Neva was looking at...Black Panda is in full effect

For more pics log onto

Friday, January 16, 2009

KNYEW Anniversary Party @ Cathouse Pt.1

The the big night commenced on Thursday, Jan.15th for KNYEW's One Year Anniversary and the opening night for "Trendsetter Thursdays" presented by DJ Ob-One, DJ Supra and Kozmoe. Thanks to everyone who came by that night to show love and support. Unfortunately, I had to fly to Canada last minute for a couple of gigs and wasn't able to be there that night (sux all to hell). But from the deepest trenches of Toronto and Ottawa, in 25 degrees below zero weather, I was definitely at Cathouse in spirit. Many thanks to Kimmy from 944 for hooking up the photo coverage with love you long time! Big shout to our neighbors at the newly independent and revamped boutique, LACED, for coming through and my boy DJ Sean Perry for flying in from NYC to spread love with the fellas.

Kenny Knyewtron, Neva aka Black Panda, and DJ Sean Perry
Nelson, Kimmy BoomBoom, & our lazy but talented designer Marvski
Mike Snedeger from TAO, DJ Dig-Dug from CHERRY, Kimmy, & OB-One with his main squeezeBig shout to LACED for stopping thru
DJ Supra on the wheels with the Incredible Hulk Serato Vinyl
Big shout to Kozmoe...mad couples in the building that night.
Big shout to Danny from MIX ZONE CAFE for stopping thru.
DJ OB-One from Playboy Club & Moon on the 1's & 2's
Kimmy over here, Kimmy over there...WHOA! Big shout to Corey for coming thru!!!
Wish I could've been there...I love my KNYEW family!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009


KNYEW is one years old this month!!! Actually, our real anniversary was in November 2008 but we've been so busy that we had to push it back. Anyhow, Thursday night on Jan.15th we'll be invading CATHOUSE in The Luxor and setting off a new weekly party with our peoples DJ OB-One, DJ Supra and Kozmoe called "Trendsetter Thursdays". They'll be $5 drink specials and $150 bottle specials every week. No guestlist, no bullshit dresscode about no hats and no sneakers and more importantly, no crappy poptart music. You'll hear the very best in classics, old school hip-hop, electro and more. Come through and celebrate with the KNYEW family...

Monday, January 5, 2009

KING STAMPEDE: Holiday Delivery

We finally got King Stampede in the KNYEW roster this year, whew!! I've been wanting this brand since we opened last year but there was a bunch of drama I had to cut through. KS is definitely one of my favorite eastcoast brands and me and the boys are happy to welcome them into the KNYEW family. Check'em out.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

KNYEW YEARS EVE: The San Diego Chronicles

Happy New Years everyone!!!
I know it's been some time since I last updated the blog and I humbly apologize. Somewhere inbetween the shop getting snowed in and my crib getting burglarized on Christmas eve (believe it yall), I got slightly distracted. Anyhow, it's a New Year and 2008 is finally behind us. Me and the boys flew to San Diego, CA for New Years Eve on Wednesday. Neva was spinning at Club Envy in The Ivy Hotel and I was spinning down the block at Club Stingaree. Kenny, Mr. Knyewtron himself, decided to roll through with the fellas and join in on the festivities. We stayed in beautiful SD 'till Friday and I thankfully had my trusty camera with me to document our short excursion.
When we landed, I noticed that there were huge differences in my hotel room and Neva's. For instance, this is Neva's 42 inch plasma screen with wireless internet at his room in the Hilton.
Here's my 26 inch tube tv with no cable and free wireless internet that I had to steal off of some Mexican Restaurant next door to my hotel, the infamous Horton Grand on Island Avenue.
Here's Neva's comfortable double queen beds with 24 hour room service.
Here's my antique embroidered chair with a broken phone that wouldn't have been able to even call room service cause my hotel didn't provide any...are you seeing a pattern.
Finally, here's Neva's bathroom with a normal toilet and sink that was probably made some time in the last 20 years.
Here's my pull chain toilet and wooden toilet seat. Fortunate for me, the shower didn't work so I ended up taking a bath and I haven't taken a bath by myself in probably almost 20 years.
Neva decided to nap in his comfortable hotel room so me and Kenny decided to do a lil shopping. We stopped through Attic on 5th Avenue.
The Medicom & The Hundreds "Adam Bomb" soon to be arriving at KNYEW hopefully (eh hem, what the f@ck David!!!)
Kicks for Christmas. 3 for me, 1 for Kenny.
After leaving Attic, we quickly headed back to hotel and freshened up for the big night. Stingaree was already a mad house when I got in.
The Stingaree dancers...I'm not mad at that.
11pm and I'm already toastee!!!
So Kenny was hanging out with me in the dj booth with some of his "new friends". The "dickhead" on the right was some drunk kid from hong kong who kept sneaking into the booth and asking me to get on the wheels. I think me and Kenny had to kick him out about a couple of times before security escorted him out.
New Years isn't the same without a tacky laser show.
Unfortunately, Neva didn't have any pictures to post from his gig at The Ivy but I think this picture of him hung over in bed is sufficient enough. It was a good night for everybody...hahahaha.
So the next day, we trooped over to Pacific Beach and hung out at my boy DJ Scooter's restaurant/lounge called Firehouse.
We met up with my boy Todd and his girl Neesh and our girl Brenna.
Neva aka Black Panda, is finally awake and getting his grub on.
Kenny and our boy DJ Fresh One from Sleeping Giant Ent.
Our girl DJ Frankie M. spinning on the rooftop at Firehouse.
DJ Mickey Beats and DJ Craig Smoove taking their turns on the wheels.
Now that's what I call a beer...Stella served in a mini-fishbowl. The perfect end to a perfect week in Diego.

We got alot of new shit popping this month including our One Year Anniversary as well as some new KNYEW tees dropping near the end of the month. And with Magic creeping up in February, it's gon get even more me.
Crooked signing out!!!