Friday, January 16, 2009

KNYEW Anniversary Party @ Cathouse Pt.1

The the big night commenced on Thursday, Jan.15th for KNYEW's One Year Anniversary and the opening night for "Trendsetter Thursdays" presented by DJ Ob-One, DJ Supra and Kozmoe. Thanks to everyone who came by that night to show love and support. Unfortunately, I had to fly to Canada last minute for a couple of gigs and wasn't able to be there that night (sux all to hell). But from the deepest trenches of Toronto and Ottawa, in 25 degrees below zero weather, I was definitely at Cathouse in spirit. Many thanks to Kimmy from 944 for hooking up the photo coverage with love you long time! Big shout to our neighbors at the newly independent and revamped boutique, LACED, for coming through and my boy DJ Sean Perry for flying in from NYC to spread love with the fellas.

Kenny Knyewtron, Neva aka Black Panda, and DJ Sean Perry
Nelson, Kimmy BoomBoom, & our lazy but talented designer Marvski
Mike Snedeger from TAO, DJ Dig-Dug from CHERRY, Kimmy, & OB-One with his main squeezeBig shout to LACED for stopping thru
DJ Supra on the wheels with the Incredible Hulk Serato Vinyl
Big shout to Kozmoe...mad couples in the building that night.
Big shout to Danny from MIX ZONE CAFE for stopping thru.
DJ OB-One from Playboy Club & Moon on the 1's & 2's
Kimmy over here, Kimmy over there...WHOA! Big shout to Corey for coming thru!!!
Wish I could've been there...I love my KNYEW family!!!

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