Saturday, January 17, 2009

KNYEW Anniversary Party @ Cathouse Pt.2

Here's some more pics taken by C'est Lavie, a new site on fashion and entertainment news originally from Las Vegas. They've looked out for the boys at KNYEW by spreading the word out on the shop and the one year anniversary. Check out their site at

KNYEW x TRENDSETTER THURS...woof!!!Kenny showing off his clean ass hands after washing upNeva & Supra also showing off their freshly clean hands & fingersDJ Ikon from BEAT CLAN, OB-One and DJ Skratchy from TAODJ OB-One and DJ Supra making it happen in the boothDJ G-Squared from JET & BLUSH repping Bean Town for the nightNeva looks mesmerized, I wonder what he's looking at so intently?
Ahhhh, I see what Neva was looking at...Black Panda is in full effect

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