Thursday, December 24, 2009


On Saturday, Dec.26th and Sunday, Dec.27th we'll be having a special 2 day sale after Christmas. We're discounting all current season t-shirts, hats, accessories, button-ups, jackets and outerwear 30% off. This sale does not include pre-marked sale items and no coupons or student discounts are valid during this sale. Feel free to contact us for more info. Happy holidays from all of us at KNYEW. See yall next year!!! Crooked signing out for 2009...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Crooked in NYC

I decided to escape the City of Sin this weekend and make my way back to my old stomping grounds in New York City. I had a couple gigs lined up while I was in town and there was a birthday event for my boy DJ Moma that I couldn't miss. Kenny Knyewtron reminded me to bring my trusty Canon to document the whole trip so I packed my bags, my DJ gear & headed to JFK.

I never realize how homesick I am until I take that long cab ride from JFK Airport to Manhattan. You know you've been away too long when the scenery in Queens starts to look good (no offense to my peoples in east NY).

After a much needed nap at ma dukes, I decided to go hard my first night back and make some serious club rounds. I hit up my boy James Hwang and stopped by his party at HIRO in the Maritime Hotel.

Got a chance to meet DJ NVM who was on the wheels at HIRO.

James Hwang & DJ NVM looking like the new cast of Degrassi High.

HIRO had a pretty cool performance from these acrobat dancers who swung from the ceilings in blanket hammocks. Nothing better than drinking hard liquor & seeing half naked girls flying 20 feet up in the air.

My next stop was at APT to check my boys DJ Eleven & DJ Moma. Definitely a different look & sound to this a big house party with a bunch of sweaty drunk strangers.

DJ Steve1der from LA was hanging in the DJ booth with Eleven & Moma.

DJ Moma aka Prince Akeem (from Coming to America) played an incredible set of 90's hip-hop/r&b that had me reminiscing about highschool.

A much more chipper & sober DJ Eleven was in bright spirits that night. Kill the smiles & grab a beer bub (I personally preferred the sullen & inebriated Eleven of days old).

I kept it moving & skated a block over to TENJUNE & checked out my boy DJ Sean Perry. It was pretty insane inside. Almost like a club in Vegas except better dressed & no slot machines.

DJ Sean Perry hard at work on the wheels & James Hwang hard at work on twitter.

With the crowd like putty in his hands, Sean shows us whose responsible for the absolute mayhem on the dancefloor. I actually gave all the credit to the Mishka flannel he bought from KNYEW last season.

With the night still young, I cabbed over to AVENUE.

Bumped into my boy Dalton who was holding down the 1's & 2's.

After a quick drink, I went just around the corner to check 1OAK. Met up with my boy Bedis who was hanging in the DJ booth with a bunch of models & bottles...(yawn)

Heard alot of good things about this dude DJ Phresh & I finally got the chance to hear him rip 1OAK 'til the early morn. You can't really tell but he's was rocking a Crooks & Castles tee. I promised to lace him with some exclusive gear from KNYEW...shameless but absolutely necessary!

I was lucky enough to catch up with my man Juske & hear a quick set from him before DJ Phresh got on the wheels. Nothing is more soothing to the NY soul than a Jay-Z set from my man Juske. It was the sure sign that Crooked was back in the Empire State...minus Alicia Keys.

After a quick late night omelete with DJ Sean Peezy & the African Prince, DJ Moma, I dropped them off at their respectable homes & headed back uptown.

Flying down the Westside Highway, I realized that you're either sitting sober in the backseat digging in between the cushions for the seat belts or lying drunk, face down in the back, totally oblivious to the possible injuries you can incur from the cab driver's reckless speeding.

Ahhhh, home sweet home...
Until next time Knyewtrons...Crooked signing out!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

HUF: Winter Delivery