Thursday, December 13, 2007

944's X-Mas Party @ RIO

Kenn, Mark Sparks from N9ne Group, Neva & Crooked
Five, Mike from TAO, Kimmy from 944 & Marvski
DJ 88 with some friends
Kimmy & NevaMe & Cherry Coke
Kimmy (yet again) & Five
Kimmy, Kimmy, Kimmy
Samba One & Mark SparksMERRY CHISTMAS PUTOOOS!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

KNYEW Photoshoot

I had a brilliant idea to take our friends from the KNYEW family and immortalize them on 6x4 postcard flyers. Needless to say, we appreciate everyone involved for helping out and it turned out pretty "BOSS".
Left to right: AC, Vina, DJ Five and JessicaLeft to Right: Jessica, DJ OB-One, DJ 88, Mark Sparks from N9ne Group

Thursday, December 6, 2007

88 Ways Artshow

We teamed up with 944/Racket Magazine and King 888 for this amazing artshow on Thursday. Our favorite murder mami, DJ 88, showcased a collection of artwork and stole the show with her paintings on canvas. With our boy DJ Five on the wheels and an open bar sponsored by TyKu and, it was a pretty cool night for a city that very rarely displays any art or culture during the week.

Just a taste of our girl DJ 88's pieces...peep the J DillaPotential buyer for the Blondie jump-offIf you couldn't tell from the overly-obnoxious laptop decal,
it's DJ FiveDJ Neva taking over while Five took a bathroom breakKenn aka Knyewman and Mark Sparks from N9ne Group
The multi-gifted DJ 88 and her wiz AC
Marvski in Louis Accessory
Kenn, 88 & NevaKimmy from 944, DJ's OB-One & Ikon