Wednesday, September 3, 2008

MAGIC EVENTS: The Beatnuts & Tha Liks @ KNYEW

Tuesday, August 26th...THE BIG DAY!!!
SCION and KNYEW presents The Beatnuts performing live at KNYEW Clothing Boutique. Open Bar sponsored by Budweiser and Patron and a fully catered appetizer buffet prepared by P&A Catering...whew!!! I gotta say that a lot of planning went into this event and we worked our asses off to make it all happen. In the end, it was truly an amazing night. I'm proud of all of my boys and the work they put in during Magic. I hope that we can do more events like this in the future. Thank you Las Vegas!!!

The calm before the storm...
Jerome aka The Korean Import and Kenny enjoying some sliders
DJ Graham Funke' and DJ ElevenSan Diego's finest walks in with the ruckus!DJ Chris Cutz, DJ Beatnick and DJ Who repping S.D.My boy Troy from The Bay is always around to supportDJ Stonerokk...and the DJ gayness begins
Me and The Captains Of The IndustryHot Air is in the building!Giftbags brought to you by SCION and ofcourse...KNYEWP&A Catering at their very bestFresh crab cakes, glazed chicken satays
and risotto cakes...mmmmmmNYC native John Pettei from
The Light Group and his fiance' BrookeGraham in vintage GucciGuttersnipe came through to show loveDJ D-Miles from TAO and LAVODJ Thee Mike B, DJ Eleven, DJ Sean Pizzy,
with Shecky Green chessing for me and RayE-Swift and Tash from Tha LiksBrian Hathaway setting up our sound & lighting,
thanks again for all your help & hardwork!!
This is just one of the many gay moments
that were captured from DJ's interactingDJ Scooter, Me and an unimpressed Colombian girlDJ Eddie Mcdonald from JET and The BANK checking out
our write-up in the new issue of VAPORS MagazineKNYEW t-shirts by Marvski and yours truly...CrookedShecky Greeeeeeen!!!!DJ Que and DJ Neva with some friends from JETPsycho Les from The Beatnuts with DJ NevaA Colombian girl messing with Crooked's camera
Our boy Freddie holding down the barTash from Tha Liks just getting his drank onScooter bugging out to our "DJ Five Tribute Tee"Despite our wonderful food, Scooter decided to bring his ownBistec in salsa y arrozz blanco con habichuelas roja...
After a quick bathroom break, Scooter's off on the 1's and 2'sDJ Fresh-One looking rather uninspired by our DJ setup,
hahahaha...thanks for coming through & showing love!!! Next up on the wheels...DJ Beatnick aka Scumbag #1And finally, DJ Chris Cutz aka The Drunken Homo Monkey
DJ Supra, Kenny, Billy Young and our boy Dan,
the owner of MIX ZONE CAFE...amazing food, check it out! KNYEW designer and professional procrastinator Riggo the fulltime lady killah! Some of the very few ladies who showed up to the party, lolZachery Daiquiri, Crooked Eyes, Mike B and Todd Mcpervy
Our boy DJ Zimmie, Risk One and BeatnickThe Replay Station is hooked up...LET THE SHOW BEGIN!!!Yes, Psycho Les...that whole bottle of Hennesey is just for you son! A bunch of old men wilding out, feeling young againI didn't mean to be grabbing Neva's ass so tightly...WHOA!Me and Neva are feeling like it's '93 at the Wetlands Les stops the show to invite Tha Liks on stage with themAnd that's all she wrote....fucking bananas!!!Ray Alamo, NY native & super photographer for
Thanks for coming through & capturing the whole event for usOur favorite pervs...Todd , Sean, Scoot and ChrisThe Beatnuts chilling with LA's own female rapper, MedusaAlchemist, E-Swift and The Beatnuts...CLASSIC!!A drunken Sean Peezy ready to get on some Rhino steezyI just wanted a homo, hahahahahaDJ Zimmie, Josh from SOULD and Riggo shocked
from all the DJ gayness they've been witnessing...DJ Eleven, The Alchemist and DJ NevaAfter the show...DJ Eleven and DJ JayceohThanks to the Beatnuts for coming through
and killing it's clean-up time for me and the boysKNYEW Muthafuckah!!!


dj mOma said...

Classic Material! ... and the knyew arrivals look dope too, save me a few extra mediums, rollin thru next month with Kemal for a homo Golf vacay, ez!

beatnick said...

here's a lil video i shot in between cocktails, thanks for havin' me out y'all: