Monday, May 26, 2008

VAPORS MAGAZINE Photoshoot & Interview

My boy, the multi-talented DJ Graham Funke, called me up the other day about an article he wanted to do on KNYEW for the upcoming Magic Show issue of Vapors Magazine. Now, besides being a contributing writer for Vapors, Graham happens to be one half of Captains Of The Industry (what up Stone!), a DJ duo that just recently finished a nation wide tour for their "Trabajo Mix Cd". And if there wasn't enough on the man's plate, he's also an accomplished actor, no lie. You may not recognize my boy, but he's been in numerous commercials, check him out...

Anyhow, Graham hit me up and scheduled this Vapors interview/photoshoot last night with him and N9ne Group photographer Fury. We took a few flicks and talked about the shop's origin as well as important issues like celebrity dating, shady dj's, and the club scene's sad but hopeful future. Many thanks to Graham Funke and Fury for all their great work. Look out for that article in Vapors Magazine due out this Fall 2008!

N9ne Group photographer Fury & DJ Graham Funke
Fury capturing an intense moment with Graham
And our boys Kenny & Neva
Me, Neva & Kenny cheesing for Fury.
What's goin' on with Kennys grill right here...???

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marvski. said...

i have the same shirt as kenn.