Friday, May 2, 2008


So, I met Brandon & Brian from The Guttersnipe Gang back in February during Magic. They stopped thru the shop, kicked it with your boy, copped some of The Hundreds flannels and took a few flicks to post on their blog. We peeped their Spring Collection, liked their pieces, put an order thru and waited. Finally, The Guttersnipe Gang is in the building and we're happy to welcome them San Diego boys into the KNYEW family. Check'em out...

Brian from Guttersnipe reppin' 3 of our favorite 'tings:
1. A Yankees New Era
2. Our "Knyew Kings On The Block" tee
3. Big ass burritos that burn your bathroom walls and stick to the bowl...WHOA!!!

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brandoomski said...

That's Brian eating the burrito. Brandon bought the flannels. It's confusing, but we're still Guttersnipe! What's up to the crew.