Friday, May 9, 2008

KNYEW @ The Garden with Jay-Z & Mary J

Me & Neva took a quick trip to NY this week to see the last show for "The Heart Of The City Tour" with Jay-Z & Mary J. Blige at Madison Square Garden. The show was incredible and I was lucky enough to capture a few flicks and performances on my camera. The highlights for me had to be Method Man and Mary performing "All I Need (Remix)" and Jay-Z performing a medley of all his bangers, one after the other, with DJ Neil Armstrong. Check it out...

The quiet before the was a packed house, whoa!
Me (the Crooked one), DJ Moma and Eleven with our female escorts
DJ Sean Perry and Neva planning another beer run
SHOWTIME!!!...Is New York in the muthafucking building???

Here's a clip of Jay-Z performing a medley of all his hits with DJ Neil Armstrong. He played a snippet of each banger and kept it moving to the next song, saying "Fuck That" after each hit. Check out the special guest appearance from his girl, Bee...such a classic moment.

Here's another clip of Jay-Z spittin' an acapella about Katrina after saying "Fuck Bush" at the concert.

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