Thursday, November 11, 2010

UNLV Rebels Invade KNYEW!!!

A couple of days ago my fellow Knyewtrons & UNLV Football stand outs, Mike Clausen & Omar Clayton, hit me up about a little project they were working on. I thought maybe I'd have to dust off my rhetoric skills and help them with a term paper but thank goodness, that wasn't the case. It turns out they were being interviewed by the lovely Molly Sullivan for the Mountain West Network in Las Vegas. Molly and her camera crew were following Mike and Omar for an expose documenting their day to day life as UNLV Students & Football Starters. The fellas came by Knyew and kept it as real as any other visit they may have had at the shop. We joked, we laughed and somehow, I ended up in front of the camera (luckily, no questions were thrown my way). Big shout out to Mike, Omar, Molly Sullivan and her crew for stopping by KNYEW and showing us love. GO REBELS!!!
Crooked signing out!

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