Friday, November 19, 2010


On Monday, Nov.22nd, we'll be celebrating KNYEW's 3 Year Anniversary at JET Nightclub in the Mirage Hotel. One of my favorite DJ's in the game, DJ Scooter from SD, will be spinning with KNYEW's own DJ Neva in the main room for a night of heavy boozing and beastiality. Many thanks to our boy and loyal Knyewtron Moose Diesel at the Light Group for setting this event up for us. This will only be the first part of our 3 Year Anniversary Celebration (predominantly for our 21 & older peeps). Stay tuned for part two people...I'll be posting more info on it very soon. Email us at if you wanna get on the guestlist for JET on Monday. See you there Knyewtrons!!!
Crooked Signing out...

Many thanks to Vegas Seven Magazine for shouting us out & mentioning our 3 Year Anniversary at JET in their issue this week. Get on the list people...!!!

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