Monday, February 8, 2010

FREE GOLD WATCH x KNYEW Presents..."Ace Rothstein Vol.II"

Around this same time last year, our SF family at Free Gold Watch designed a t-shirt especially for us called "Ace Rothstein" (based on Robert Deniro's character in the film "Casino" by Martin Scorsese). A few weeks ago, our boy DJ Franzen from KVEG 97.5 Las Vegas Radio stopped through KNYEW and was loving this "Ace Rothstein" tee that Kenn showed him. Seeing that we sold out of this tee almost a year ago, we were totally out of stock. We've had multiple requests for this shirt over the past year but I didn't want to bring it back for a couple of reasons 1) I was planning on putting out another t-shirt with FGW based on another scene in "Casino" and 2) I wasn't even sure they had the original screens leftover from the first printing. Well to our luck, FGW was able to reprint our "Ace Rothstein" tee for us and we have our boy Franzen to thank for replanting that seed. Check out DJ Franzen every weekday at 3pm-7pm on 97.5 FM. Until next time yall...Crooked signing out.

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