Thursday, February 11, 2010

KNYEW's World Series of Dice

On the day we received our shipment of the "MLB Champs" and "MLB Vintage" t-shirts, we had a bunch of the homies stop through the shop and hang out. After everyone raided our new stash of tees, we ordered food from M & M's Soul Food Cafe (chicken & waffles, black eye peas & rib tips) and got a special delivery from our boy Dan, head chef & owner, from Mix Zone Cafe (Thai curry and Korean Hite beer). With all the food and liquor, one thing lead to another and a dice game was initiated some how...I blame Neva. Big shout to DJ Five, DJ D-Miles and DJ Ross One from Miami for coming through and distracting me and the KNYEW Crew for a few hours. Until next time yall...Crooked signing out!

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