Friday, February 19, 2010

KNYEW x AFEX Invasion @ TABU

Well it's official...we'll be celebrating our 2 Year Anniversary at TABU Ultra Lounge in the MGM Grand Hotel on Monday, Feb.22nd. Our boy DJ Adam12 is bringing his notorious AFEX party from LA to Las Vegas so we decided to tag along and bring the goonies out for a proper KNYEW celebration. It'll be nothing but '83-'95 hip-hop, classics and breaks (whut! whut!). We've got Las Vegas' finest DJ OB-One & DJ 88 on the wheels for the night along with Adam 12 & yours truly. We welcome all our fellow Knyewtrons to come thru and join in on the festivities. Neva & Kenny will be handing out free jello shots & lap dances to anyone wearing a KNYEW t-shirt won't wanna miss this one yall. Crooked signing out!!!

Email us at for guestlist info

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