Wednesday, February 24, 2010

KNYEW x AFEX......The Movie

We celebrated KNYEW's 2 Year Anniversary with DJ Adam12's infamous AFEX party from LA at TABU Ultralounge on Monday, February 22nd. There were special guest sets from Las Vegas locals DJ 88, DJ Ob-One & DJ Crooked along with host DJ Adam12. My boy Hew Burney from came thru and took a bunch of photos along with me that night. There ended up being over 600 pictures at the end of the day so I decided to compile a few of them into this mini-music video. Special thanks to Redbull Energy Drink for sponsoring the event with Adam12. We really appreciate all our friends and close supporters for coming out and showing love for KNYEW and the fam. Until next time Knyewtrons...Crooked signing out!!!

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