Tuesday, February 9, 2010

SNEAK PEEK: 2 Year Anniversary Tees

Hard to believe it's been 2 years since we first opened our doors at KNYEW. For our 1 Year Anniversary last year, a bunch of people asked us why we didn't press up any special edition t-shirts commemorating our first year in business. My only response to our loyal customers was an apology and a personal promise that we would make up for it the following year. Well it's a year later suckas and I got your 2 Year Anniversary tees...

In November I went to work with our designer Sean Rademacher and brainstormed a bunch of ideas for these anniversary tees. The "MLB" t-shirt really summed up 2009 for KNYEW cause it was by far, one of our most well receptive tees since our 2008 "Token" design. After the Yanks won the Series last year, we wanted to revamp the Yankee emblem on the "MLB" tee to acknowledge New York's 27th World Series win.

I wanted to experiment and bring a nostalgic look to this anniversary tee so we incorporated our "MLB" design into an old polaroid showing years of wear & tear. Sean went to the lab and did an amazing job bringing everything to life and the print work by Mixed Media (the same print company who handles all The Hundreds print work) definitely exceeded our expectations. This "MLB Vintage" tee be available in black & heather grey.

Initially when I was brainstorming ways for commemorating the Yank's 27th World Series win into the "MLB" design, I came up with 2 ideas. The first one was the Yankee's top hat hanging from the emblem (as seen on the "MLB Vintage" design) and my second one was a championship ring.

We didn't alter the original "MLB" design much for our "championship ring" rendition. Here's a look at our final test print for the "MLB Champ" tee. It'll be available in silver and black.

Here's a look at the back print of the "MLB Champ" tee.
We should be releasing these 2 Year Anniversary Tees by Friday. It'll probably be a while before we reprint the "MLB" tee again so come through and claim yours before we sell out for 2010. Be on the look out for our 2 Year Anniversary Party at TABU in the MGM Grand on Monday, Feb.22nd. I'll have more details for yall real soon. Crooked signing out...

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