Monday, March 21, 2011


This week's entry for Mixtape Mondays is called "Plug It In & Turn Me On" by our homie, San Diego's own, DJ Fresh One. This mixtape is a mix of all the latest Electro/Dance/Hip Hop bangers that are being played in the clubs today. It also has some dope original production work that Fresh remixed himself (hopefully he'll hook a brother up). Fresh One has been in the DJ game for nearly a decade & has an extensive resume in SD, holding down residencies at premiere venues like Stingaree, Ivy Nightclub, Bar West, Club 207, Float & Intervention at the Hardrock San Diego. Homeboy has Diego on lock. He also started a new dj residency at Bond in the newly opened Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino here in Las Vegas. When Fresh isn't behind the turntables or studio mixing boards, he's running "Sleeping Giant Music", a full service talent agency for local DJ's, producers & artists like DJ Scooter, DJ Lavelle, DJ Chris Cutz, DJ Beatnick & many more (check out for more info). Good looks to my man Fresh One for the mixtape & a big shout out to everyone over at Sleeping Giant. Enjoy Knyewtrons...Neva.

With everything that Fresh One has on his plate, he's just launched this new site called "Simply Gigantic", an all-in-one tool for artists to market & promote their music. An artist can provide everything from bio information, music downloads & photo galleries as well as collect email subscriptions for email blasts, post events & organize guestlists through the site's online services.

KNYEW's own DJ Neva just signed up on Simply Gigantic (check his page here & I'm currently working on my own DJ Crooked page with Fresh One right now. Check the youtube video below for more info & feel free to contact Simply Gigantic directly at (858) 270-2195 or I personally think this is a great way for a DJ to market & promote themselves to the masses & it's best to hop on this service while their service rates are as low as they are. Crooked signing out.

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