Wednesday, March 9, 2011

KNYEW: Stranglers Tee...Sneak Peek!

I made a commitment this year for KNYEW to release something new every month whether it be t-shirts, tank tops, snapbacks, key chains or even mini-basketballs (hint hint). In February, we re-released our classic "Token" & "MLB" tees in new colorways and this month, we're proud to present our new "Stranglers" tee dropping Saturday, March 12th.

As you can see, there'll be 3 different colorways (Royal Blue, Heather Grey & Black) and each tee will feature a back print debuting our new design concept called "Knyewtron Rules". Knyewtron Rules is a new campaign we're starting this year listing different quotes & phrases that we feel are relevant to the Knyewtron movement. On the back of the t-shirt, you'll notice "Knyewtron Rule #4081" printed below the ever so subtle comment "Don't Get Choked". We're starting at #4081 because we're continuing the list from the last industry rule written at #4080 (quoted from our boy Q-Tip from his verse on "Check The Rhime" by A Tribe Called Quest...know your history).

Knyewtron Rule #4080: Record company people are shady
Knyewtron Rule #4081: Don't get choked
Knyewtron Rule #4082: TBA...(Maybe next month?)

Stay tuned Knyewtrons & don't forget to follow the Knyewtron Rule! Until next time...Crooked signing out.

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