Friday, March 4, 2011

Gear Bottle

I got a random email the other day from this site called & noticed 3 key words in the contents that immediately caught my eye..."streetwear search engine". As a dj on the road, I'm constantly in different cities every week & I always try to stop by other streetwear boutiques whenever I'm out of town. GearBottle is a great site that allows users to search for the nearest streetwear retailer by city, state or zipcode. I can be in any part of the world & find the closest skate shop, sneaker boutique or streetwear store in my area in less than a minute. One can only hope that GearBottle will make our lives even more easier & produce a phone app in the near future. Check the site, bookmark the url & get your shopping on, but remember...KNYEW will always be your number one streetwear spot in Las Vegas (wink wink). Crooked signing out.

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