Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vegas Streats! Recap Pt.2

Here's some more pics that I got a chance to take at the Vegas Streats! festival earlier this month. I urge everyone to come thru & experience this event for yourself, first hand next month. It's really an amazing addition to the Las Vegas local scene & we're really proud to be a part of it. Its on the second Saturday of every month & it's open to the public. As you can see, there's music, dancing, art, fashion & an incredible foodtruck explosion that's invading this great city. Don't get left behind Knyewtrons...Crooked signing out!

Our boy Chumlee from Pawn Stars stopping by to say wuddup to Kenny Knyewtron & the fam. He's one of the reasons why we still order XXL's (true story!)
Many thanx to all our Knyewtrons, new & old, for coming by Vegas Streats! to support...muchas gracias!
Big shout to our favorite photographer Hew Burney who took the time to stop by Vegas Streats before working at the clubs later that night!
Gotta love the guys from the Slidin' Thru Foodtruck for dropping off a monster load of mini-burgers for the KNYEW Crew. Don't forget to stop thru their new location 955 Grier Dr between Sunset & Paradise. They're open 24/7!
Our boys at the Slidin' Thru Foodtruck just branched off & started a new grill cheese truck called Muncheeze. Out of love & hopefully admiration (I kid), they named a new grilled cheese sandwich after us called the "Knyew-Tella". The ingredients are nutella, cream cheese & strawberries on toasted wheat...mmmm (taking me back to Junio's Cheesecakes in BK). Make sure you stop thru the new Muncheeze Truck & order a "Knyew-Tella". Our boy Neva seems to like
Here's a great crew of local artist called Visual Bluff who specialize in everything from murals, canvas paintings & screen print work. Check'em out & support your local artists!
KNYEW loves the kids...future Knyewtron in training
The party was definitely jumping at Vegas Streats! this month. DJ Josh Swissman played a great reggae & dancehall set that got the crowd whining & bogling through out the night.
DJ Shr3d taking a moment to capture a moment...Shout to our boys DJ Mike Attack & DJ Shr3d who played a killer set later that night. You can catch DJ Mike Attack every Sunday night at the new arcade inspired ultra lounge Insert Coins.If you haven't already, try & take the time to give to Japan!
Shout to C'est La Vie. One of my favorite sites that I check on the daily
Great seeing our boy Alex Outhred, a long time KNYEW supporter & one of the illest players in the Poker scene. If you ever see this big guy wearing a KNYEW tee on ESPN for a poker tournament, let us know!
After a long night in their mobile kitchen, Fuku Burger took a break to stop by the KNYEW booth for some new gear.
I wanna introduce all you Knyewtrons to my boy Brian De Leon, an amazing artist originally from San Diego but now making masterpieces here in the LV-City. I can't say enough of this guy. I really love Brian's work & I see big things for him in the near future. Hopefully KNYEW & Mr. De Leon can collaborate on a project sometime this year...I got my fingers crossed!!

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