Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vegas Streats! Recap Pt.1

A couple weekends ago, we invaded Downtown Vegas once again for the second "Vegas Streats!" festival at the El Cortez Hotel & Casino If you haven't heard, Vegas Streats! is a monthly festival showcasing some of the very best that Las Vegas' local scene has to offer. There's live performances, rotating djs, live graffiti artwork, break dancers, a bunch of local streetwear brands (including yours truly) & a line food trucks like Fuku Burger, Slidin Thru, Tasty Bunz & the new grill cheese truck Muncheeze. Our trusty shop girl Jaz took some great flicks that really captured some of the nutty, quirky & chaotic energy at this event. If you didn't know, our girl Jaz is also responsible for handling all of our product pics on the site (and has been for the past year since I took a backseat). If you wanna know when the latest deliveries from your favorite brands arrive at KNYEW, Jaz is probably the best person to follow on twitter. Many thanks to Slidin Thru & Civilian for letting us be a part of Vegas Streats! once again. Looking forward to next months! Until next time Knyewtrons...Crooked signing out!

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