Friday, December 31, 2010

Crooked's 2010 Wrap-Up

Our last entry for KNYEW's "2010 Wrap-Up" comes from yours truly, DJ Crooked aka Dickie Sung aka Korean Blow aka Cocaine. In addition to handling the marketing, design work & blog updates, I oversee the overall operations for KNYEW with my partners & co-founders DJ Neva & Kenn Davenport. With the help of our many supporters & loyal Knyewtrons in & out of Vegas, we've accomplished so much this past year but there's still much more growth needed for KNYEW to progress beyond your everyday local clothing shop. You'll see a new website with an online store developing in the next couple of months. Expect new t-shirts, v-necks, tanks & snapbacks for this upcoming Spring/Summer 2011 as well as crewnecks, hoodies & beanies for our Fall/Winter 2011. We'll continue to break the mold, consistently bringing you the next level new shit to the best of our abilities & we hope you'll follow us through the process & help us become better everyday. Thanks Knyewtrons for another amazing year!
Crooked signing out.

I've got to give it up to The Hundreds for 2010. Their Hundreds x Garfield collaboration project with Jim Davis' legendary comic strip was really inspiring on all levels. This project alone must've been challenging to coordinate in-between their seasonal collections but to add a Pop Up Shop & an Art Show into the mix was incredibly ambitious. The artistic direction, creative marketing & brilliant execution is a testament to The Hundreds focus to become more than just a successful streetwear brand. They're a movement.

Black Scale x Knyew "Black Knyew York" Collaboration Tee. We had numerous meetings with a bunch of different brands discussing potential projects for our 3 Year Anniversary last year. Mega (owner of Black Scale) committed to the project during the Magic Show convention in August & kept his concept ideas under wraps for almost 3 months. We didn't see the final design till almost 2 weeks before our anniversary. I was definitely nervous but Mega came through with an amazing t-shirt & more than anything, he kept his word & delivered on time. Gotta love Black Scale.

Banksy's "Exit Through The Giftshop". I absolutely loved this documentary. If you like street art, respect authenticity & despise fraudulent swagger-jacking posers...this films for you Knyewtron.

When we posted the flicks from our "Tits x Bics x Stickers" photoshoot with Francine Dee & Hew Burney, it sparked a heavy demand for product like t-shirts & posters. I ended up dragging my feet on the tees' design work due to a hectic DJ schedule (stalling over 2 months after the photoshoot) & then our Mormon screenprinters canceled production claiming our content was "lurid & inappropriate" (an extra 1-2 month delay). By the time we had some samples ready, the print work was so messy & substandard, I had to push the project back in hopes of finding a dependable company who could handle the workload. Long story short, I'm still on the prowl for a good screenprinter but I promise you this...these "Tits x Bics x Stickers" will be made in 2011!!!

I don't know if this was my favorite moment but it was definitely the funniest. After a long night of work spinning at the nightclubs, me & Neva went to Spearmint Rhino for some chicken fingers & clear heels. Following a couple of hours of captivating conversations with Rhino's finest, we decided to stop by the "Little Saigon" spot next door to KNYEW for some early morning Pho around 8am. When our breakfast was through, our trifling non-driving asses called a cab & waited inside the shop where we "thought" it was safe. About 15 minutes later, we had LVPD breaking down our doors, guns drawn, ordering me & Neva to hit the floor. Turns out, an anonymous call was made to 911, citing 2 suspicious individuals lurking inside KNYEW before opening hours. Long story short, me & Neva are still alive & more than relieved that LVPD has our shop on lock, even if they're protecting us from ourselves.

Here's me kneeling down with LV's finest pointing a gun at my head.
Big shout to the kind officer who mounted me from the rear as I assumed the position.
Wrangled up like cattle at the rodeo, I got a chance to taste the floors at KNYEW for the first time.Here's Neva spread eagle, talking shit to LVPD saying "I own this fucking store, this is some bullshit".After Neva & I got cuffed, we were quickly released once the cops found evidence of our ownership of the store. I remember the officers apologizing & tentatively asking us afterwards for a discount if they ever stopped by again...sheeeeeeet!

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