Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Visit To The Hundreds Warehouse

I was in LA this week for a couple of days and decided to make a trip to The Hundreds warehouse inbetween DJ gigs. My boy & part-time KNYEW super-model, DJ D-Miles from TAO & LAVO, rolled with me to grab some free gear and get a sneak peek at The Hundreds upcoming pieces for 2011. I got a chance to see some new sneaker designs for their Fall 2011 Footware Collection and it looks amazing...THLA really stepped it up! Big shout to David Miyataki for hooking us up and letting the KNYEW Crew hang at The Hundreds headquarters for a couple of hours. We got alot of great stuff planned with THLA for 2011...stay tuned Knyewtrons! Crooked signing out.

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