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Our Knyewtron family extends all the way from Los Angeles to New York and we're extremely grateful for all the love and support we get from outside of Vegas. Just last week, our fam out in Scotsdale, AZ, Alex "Tha Don" Rodriguez and Jerome Baker III from reached out to me to contribute a lil something for their "Best Of 2010" series (see below). Thanks for always showing me and KNYEW Crew love through out the years...see yall in 2011 fellas.
Crooked signing out!


Once again we are proud to have DJ Crooked back on Better Than Yours(Crookeds BTY Interview here) , this time participating in our “Best of 2010″ series ! DJ Crooked is a co-owner of the Las Vegas store KNYEW which is a staple in the local fashion community and he holds residencies at the best venues in Vegas at Tao and Lavo. Who better than a man who is one of the best DJ’s and owns one of the best shops to break down the years best in 10 questions… Enjoy @djcrooked aka COACAINE’s Best of 2010 !!!

BEST DJs OF 2010
There’s been alot of new upcoming DJ’s hitting the scene and it’s sometimes hard to keep up. I’m looking forward to seeing more from DJ’s like Sam French, Rick Rude, Jessica Who and Supra in 2011. It seems like alot of opener DJ’s in Vegas are getting residencies in main rooms this year. 2010 is definitely the “Rise Of The Openers”. This city needs new blood and I think it’s good.


DJ Moma & DJ Stimulus The Good Spot Vol.II

DJ Sean Perry True Blood Mix CD
These are some of the only mix cd’s I could listen to for more than 3 minutes…

Kanye West Runaway
It’s the only song I look forward to playing in the club…and it speaks to me & my bredrens.

Comedian Bill Burr…”Let It Go”
Everyone seems so tame and pc these days. It’s good to see an entertainer speak their fucking mind and make us die laughing without trying to get a movie role, tv sitcom or some horrible reality show. Check out his 12 minute rant at a disgruntled crowd in Philadelphia after he was the third comedian to get boo’ed at a live show.

WALL, Miami, FL
Everytime I come to WALL it’s wall to wall packed and filled with energy. They love gutter-ass hip-hop and hard fucking house so I definitely feel at home in this room lol.

(Photo Courtesy of World Red Eye)

I’ve been to DC a few times this year for work and it’s really a beautiful city. It’s so culturally diverse and there’s this great east coast city vibe whenever I visit. I’m usually in town for less than 24 hours but it’s one of the few cities I’d want to stay & spend extra days in. I could see myself falling in love with DC very quickly.

I can’t say I’ve been impressed with any of the new gadgets or smartphones this year. It’s been a pretty disappointing year for music, movies and technology…

Las Vegas seems to be birthing some new retail businesses from their local DJ market and it’s definitely good to have some company after I opened KNYEW in 2007. There’s a new sneaker boutique FEATURE LV from Las Vegas local DJ Ikon and Reno’s own Ajay Bouri that opened right next door to KNYEW. They’ll be carrying some great brands like Supra, Android, Society & more. My Skam fam DJ Vice has also opened a new Las Vegas location for his Santa Barbara sneaker shop CRSVR in the Cosmopolitan Hotel. It’s always good to see the homies branch out and bring something new to this city. I didn’t think KNYEW would make it past 2 years but its been 3 and we’re still going. There’s a market for streetwear apparel & footwear and it’s good to see that this market is growing.


(KNYEW Las Vegas)

EAST MEETS WEST SERIES: Acapulco Gold x Vans Moda Hi VS. Crooks & Castles x Vans Moda Hi , Vans featured 2 different collaboration designs from an east coast brand, Acapulco Gold, and a west coast brand, Crooks & Castles, for their Chukka Boot sneaker. I really love collaboration projects like this. It’s exciting for me to see 2 brands come together, design a product and market it to the masses. The thinking process and creative planning behind each project always fascinates me and this Vans: East Meets West Pack was really amazing. I can’t wait for KNYEW to get an opportunity like that.



New York: IPPUDO NY Best Ramen spot in NY hands down. Their appetizers like the Hirata Buns (steamed chicken/pork buns) and Hirata Chicken Wings are beyond incredible. I make it a point to stop here whenever I come back to NY.

San Diego: J.WOK SD This restaurant makes some of the best Modern Mixed Asian Cuisine I’ve ever had.. Everything tastes fresh & its all cooked & seasoned perfectly. I come to Diego twice a month and I always stop by to order their Yellow Curry Chicken or J.Wok Spicy Noodles. Their Korean BBQ Beef Philly Style Sandwich is always a house favorite as well.

Las Vegas: YAGYU I make any excuse I can to come to this great Japanese BBQ in Chinatown. They’ve got ice cold beer on tap served in frosted glass mugs and BBQ favorites like boneless kalbi, pork bellies, portuguese sausages and even beef tongue. I love their kimchi fried rice and Korean ssam plate

Thank you to @DJ Crooked for taking the time to participate in our Best of 2010 series ! He’s one of our favorite DJ’s and an even better person. If you’re out and about make sure to catch him. Stay tuned as the series continues this week!

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