Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Once Again It's On...Vegas Streats!

Once again...on Saturday, August 13th, KNYEW will be invading the "Vegas Streats! Festival" at the El Cortez Hotel & Casino in Downtown Vegas. This time around, our very own DJ Neva will be spinning at the event, playing the soundtrack for LV localites stuffing their face with egg burgers from Fuku Burger & pulled pork sliders from Slidin' Thru. Our boys at Civilian, Feature LV, Pharmacy & Hippoe Esthetics will also be in the vacinity reppin' the local Sin City streetwear scene with your mom's favorite boys at KNYEW. I'll see yall there jerkies...El Cortez on 600 E. Fremont St. from 6pm to 2am. Its free admission for all but you have to be 18 & over to come thru. Until next time Knyewtrons...Crooked signing out.

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