Friday, August 19, 2011

12 Days To Go...

We finally finished our flooring at the new location & I must say, we're pretty damn pleased with the outcome. After minimizing our choices between "Midnight Black", "Black Ocean" & "The Grim Reaper Is Knocking Black", me & Neva were pleased with our final choice of "Midnight Black" for the concrete staining. Be sure to refer to the flooring as "Midnight Black" when you step foot onto our new floors at 3999 Spring Mountain. Any other description besides "Midnight Black" would be an insult to you & your own ignorance.
One of THE most fun things to ever do in life is picking out baseboards. In actuality, it's pretty annoying & idiotic but somehow it took me & Neva a good 45 minutes to make a final decision. The winning factor was of course..."which one is the cheapest?"
Here we see Neva aka Black Panda inspecting the new partition wall being built. In his mind, he's thinking to himself..."how many lapdances at Rhino did me & Crooked lose by building this fuckin' wall?" It's bad news for us but good news for you Knyewtrons cause this "fuckin' wall" will finally have a fitting room for you guys.
Shout to our boy Jose aka Dry Wall King of Clark County, Las Vegas.
One of the last things you'd expect to work into a budget at retail space is the bathroom. Lucky for us, the bathroom we acquired with the property was, to say the least, a real shit hole. Horror film comes to mind. The type of bathroom you'd expect an alien creature to crawl into someone's ass as they were taking a shit...(TMI, I know).
In the end, the KNYEW Crew really needs a nice & cozy place to rest our asses so a new toilet will most definitely have to make it's way into the budget. A bidet wouldn't be a bad idea either...and on that note, Crooked signing out!

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