Friday, May 6, 2011

KNYEW TANKS: Sittin' on 24's

Our Knyewtron supporters come in all shapes in sizes. Some cruise by in candy painted Honda Civics with rear spoilers or jet black C-Class Benz's with factory rims. And then there's our boys, Kevin & Julian, who roll up in a refinished perico white El Camino on 24's. I ran into Kevin & Julian at the shop a couple weeks ago & admired their Camino as it pulled into our lot. Sporting matching KNYEW "Script" tanks & an ill whip on 24's, I had to grab my camera & snap some flicks. Big shout to Kev & Julian for repping KNYEW & letting us use their 'lil lady for a quick photoshoot. Until next time Knyewtrons...Crooked signing out!

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