Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Oldschool Weds" at LAVO Continues...

Our "Old School Wednesdays" party at LAVO is still going! As we approach week 4, it's hard to believe that a night of all hip-hop, r&b, breaks & classics could thrive on the strip. We've had such an incredible turn out every week & the response from everyone including the LAVO staff & management has been overwhelmingly positive. This week, we'll have a special live performance from old school legend ROB BASE who'll perform his iconic hip-hop anthem "It Takes Two". Needless to say, seeing this song being performed live will definitely be a first for me & I can't wait to see Rob Base get on stage & recite those unforgettable lyrics "I wanna rock right now, I'm Rob Base & I came to get down...". Contact us at events@knyew.com for guestlist info or stop by on Wednesday and say "KNYEW" at the front door for free entry. See you there Knyewtrons! Crooked signing out

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