Thursday, February 17, 2011


Me & the KNYEW Crew got our second day of M.A.G.I.C. started at the PROJECT Show once again to meet up with one of my favorite brands right now...Publish. I'm really excited about this brand & I'm hoping you Knyewtrons will appreciate the fabric quality, the amazing cut & the affordable cost of their collection (hopefully arriving in Summer 2011).

It was a real pleasure meeting Mike (owner of Publish) who was an amazing character with an energy & drive that was not only entertaining but genuinely inspiring. I'm happy we can give Publish a good home in Vegas at KNYEW. Stay tuned Knyewtrons!
We moved over to the POOL Trade Show to touch base with our Bay Area Boys at Free Gold Watch. Jordan was in usual form, quoting random 90's rap lyrics, making quirky comments & confusing the shit out of us while we discussed upcoming collaboration projects for Spring & Summer 2011. We got some great designs being worked out in the next couple of on the look out!
Big shout to our boy DJ Triple XL from LA's 102.7 FM Radio. Always good to see the homie out in LV territory.
Team Knyewtron gets down on Ping Pong...don't test us!
The voice of Las Vegas radio & loyal Knyewtron affiliate DJ Franzen was in the building at SLATE shaking hands & giving pounds like the true ambassador of LV. Check out his "Frandora" live U-Stream videos updated almost every week.
The gang (and I mean "GANG") from Crooks & Castles was in full effect at SLATE. I'm requesting metal detectors at the next show (seriously lol).
Shout to Coltrane Curtis, internationally known taste maker & marketing mastermind behind Team Epiphany.
We had the honor of meeting DJ Muggs from the legendary hip-hop group Cypress Hill who was "chopping" it up with our boy Mike from Frank 151. Check DJ Muggs on his "Soul Assassins" radio show on Shade45 on either XM or Sirius Radio.
One of SF's finest was in the house at SLATE. Always good to see the homie Benny from Benny Gold. His Spring 2011 delivery should be arriving very soon onto our showroom racks...we'll keep you posted!
One of the many brands we're bringing in at KNYEW is Society. They displayed a few of their upcoming snapbacks & canvas belts that we'll be carrying at the shop. Their Spring 2011 delivery should be arriving at KNYEW very very soon..."follow the bike!"Another brand that we spoke to at the shop was Amongst Friends. based in me & Neva's hometown New York. Check out some of their amazing footwear & accessories for Spring & Summer 2011. We'll hopefully get a delivery from them sometime in March/April.There's always time for some liquid encouragement to make help motivate the KNYEW Crew through a long day of meetings. Having a buzz while placing orders can be dangerous tho...
KNYEW"s favorite scumbag David Miyataki from The Hundreds was in rare form, catching some zzz's after a long night of lurking.
Another triumph for Rane Serato. KNYEW loves the kids but pageant moms/dads need to chill.
Local Las Vegas hip-hop supporter & hooligan Art Saenz grabbed a quick flick with MTV's reality star & daughter of Rev Run, Angela Simmons. She was definitely getting alot of attention as she frantically made her way to the Pastry booth.
Another #fail for streetwear culture & society as a whole...Black Panda disapproves!
Until next time Knyewtrons...Crooked signing out!

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