Tuesday, February 15, 2011

KNYEW Video Featured on "In The Mo"

Back in November, a new recommendation website called InTheMo.com stopped through at KNYEW to film a video feature on our shop. InTheMo is similar to Yelp except it's a video-based guide to anything from restaurants, nightclubs, hair salons to clothing boutiques in any city around the world. Users can share their local expertise & recommend their favorite spots worldwide. You can easily create a profile & start giving recommendations to other users in your own hometown or other cities in the states or overseas. You can log onto their site & recommend KNYEW in their "Best Shopping in Las Vegas" section (do it now!). We really appreciate InTheMo reaching out to us & letting us spread the Knyewtron word past LV's city limits (thanks Lauren). Check the video & don't forget to "Rec" KNYEW on InTheMo.

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