Thursday, January 13, 2011

Knyewtron Sightings!!!

Every now and then, you may come across an ill mannered citizen, suspiciously lurking in your peaceful surroundings & wearing some gear from our shop. On occasion, there might be a frightening, unsettling member of our society, conducting some lewd or unsettling act in public while repping our store name on a t-shirt or even a sticker (there's no junk on this planet that a Knyew sticker never loved...see below). This degenerate scumbag may be a regular customer of ours. This beer guzzling ass groper might even be a personal friend to the shop. Either way, there's one thing in common...they're "Knyewtrons". You may be asking yourself, "what's a Knyewtron?" Knyewtrons are supporters to the KNYEW cause & firm believers in the KNYEW movement. If you see a Knyewtron getting chased by LVPD, looking down your mom's blouse or sipping your unattended drink in the club...take a picture of them & tweet it, post it on facebook, or email us at with the subject "Knyewtron Sighting!!!" We'll be watching out for you Knyewtrons!! Crooked signing out...

Here's our boy from Beantown DJ G-Squared repping KNYEW's own black "MLB" t-shirt & hanging with NY's Finest DJ Funkmaster Flex after their set at Blush Nightclub in the Wynn.

One of KNYEW's very first customers ever & long time friend DJ OB-One is seen here fitted in our white "MLB" tee during his set at the infamous Rehab Pool Party in the Hardrock. Check out OB's dubstep group HavocNdeeD Sound that's been making noise on You can also check their tracks on

Here's our homie Moose aka Moose-O-Libre from The Light Group getting some feminine attention in our limited edition Skam Artist x Knyew collaboration tee. We ain't mad...(yes we are).

Here's Minneapolis native & local Las Vegas dancemusic dj/producer Justin Baule flexing his Cristal muscles in KNYEW's red "Everywhere" tank top. He's got some great remixes & edits posted on, check'em out.

Local Las Vegas graphic designer/illustrator & long time KNYEW supporter Obey Jef is seen here in our red "Everywhere" tank top, hanging with some unlucky father's daughter at Encore Beachclub. Once again...we're not mad (oh yes we are!).

We get alot of love on twitter & it's a lil hard to keep up with all our Knyewtron's twitpics & plixi flicks sometimes. Here's a few snapshots we caught on twitter over the past couple of months. Shout to #Knyewtron @brandonfcukngee rocking our black "Knyew Script" tank top. Can't front, I've always wanted to drop a deuce in a lime green bathroom (I'm jelly).

Here's #Knyewtron @donzzz808 parking lot pimping with KNYEW's shop girl Jaz in our black "Knyew Script" tank top.

Here's a cool pic from #Knyewtron @antheezzy rocking our heather charcoal "Knyew Script" tank top at Wynn. Creative angle guys...great flick!

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