Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Where do I begin? It's an unfortunate thing to have happen especially when I feel like me & all the guys at KNYEW have worked so hard to make this shop prosperous. We've been having serious problems with our leasing management and to make a long story short, they gave us a 24 hour notice to vacate the premises. We're already searching for a new location around North Vegas on Martin Luther King Dr. I'll let you know tomorrow morning when I know exactly what's going on. We appreciate your patience and support during this awkward time. Please stay tuned to our blog for more updates. Many thanks from me and the boys at KNYEW. Crooked signing out...we'll be back very soon!!!

We were required to cover all the windows & hand over our keys by midnight tonight.
Kenny was rushing to get all our merchandise out of the building incase they came early.
Our new girl, Jaz, who we just hired a month ago was pretty bummed.
Since early this morning we've been packing up boxes and boxes full of new gear...such a shame.
Our boy Marvski came through to pick-up our couch & hold it for usWe'll be posting an ad for the couch on craigslist if anyone's interested
Keep KNYEW in your prayers & wish us luck!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009


This week's entry is a great mixtape that dropped last year from my man DJ Steve1der entitled "Nate in 08: The Best of Nate Dogg". In my opinion, it's probably the best mixtape I heard in 2008 and it actually inspired me to design a collabo t-shirt with Steve and release the tee & his mixtape exclusively through KNYEW like an all in one package. I remember calling up my boy Mike Drumman to somehow setup a meeting for me & Nate Dogg cause I wanted to have him record some drops to help market the release and more importantly, pose for some pictures since there were absolutely no high-quality photos of him online. Mike calls me up later that day and told me that Nate Dogg actually sufferred his second stroke the week before and had the left side of his face paralyzed. This shocked us all. It became clear that we had to make this t-shirt/mixtape happen cause Steve's CD started to carry even more sentimental weight for all of us now. I had meetings with my designer Marvski and we worked on the design for 2-3 days trying to make something pop. Before I knew it, 2 weeks had rolled by and Steve's mixtape had reached over 25,000 downloads on zshare.net!!! Then somehow, between work and traveling, the idea got lost and we never made it happen. To this day I think about it and it carries alot of regret on my part. Maybe it's not too late for the t-shirt/mixtape collabo to happen? I can't front, I'm getting re-inspired just writing this blog entry. Anyhow, email us and let us know what you guys think. It's an incredible mix from 2 very talented artists and it's never too late to make this thing pop. From Crooked and all the boys @ KNYEW, many thanks to Steve1der & Nate Dogg for the music!!!
Download is available for a limited time only so don't stall people
That's Steve1der on the left with me & DJ Fashen @ Playboy Club in The Palms for KNYEW's first Magic party February 2008
Steve1der & DJ Neva aka Black Panda aka BP @ Jet Nightclub
I also wanna add that there's a great party called "SURE/SHOT" that Steve1der's involved in where the djs are spinning audio/visual sets on every last Tuesday of every month at this spot called Winstons in LA. They mix and scratch classic, rare music videos and original edits/remixes from all genres of music like 80's and ‘90s Hip Hop, Rock, Reggae, Pop, Electro, and even movie/tv clips. They had a release party there for LMFAO's song "I'm in Miami" in February and I heard it was crazy! I'm gonna try and make it to his party in April and you best believe I'll have pictures for you guys when I come back. Check out the video...Crooked signing out!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

KNYEW x FGW Colabo Tee...Sneak Peek!!!

Last year around August, during the Magic Show Convention, me & Kenn stopped through Free Gold Watch's booth and talked about spring orders and future marketing ideas. We discussed a colabo tee around a couple of scenes from Martin Scorsese's movie "Casino". 7 months crept by and just yesterday, Jordon hit us up and laced us with this design they created. Here's a sneak peek of our KNYEW x FGW colabo tee. We'll hopefully have the shirts available at the shop by next week...cross your fingers and stay tuned!!!

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