Friday, June 4, 2010


For all of you who are dj's or may be learning to dj, we just got a special delivery from our boys at From the makers of the famed dj program "Scratch Live", Serato teamed up with Ortofon, a Danish dj cartridge company, and released their new Ortofon|Serato s-120 DJ Cartridges. These needles are especially made for Serato "Scratch Live" usage and the buzz around town has been pretty crazy. Being a dj myself, I personally use the Shure M-447's but this is the first time I've considered switching over to Ortofons. The Ortofon|Serato s-120 is available in the Concorde Version (the aerodynamic cartridge with a built-in mount) and the OM Version (which requires a headshell mount available in assorted colors). We also received these new Serato "Scratch Live" carrying cases for the travelling DJ's who need their Serato boxes transported safely. As usual, we always stay equipped with Serato Vinyl in every color imaginable and Shure M-447 cartridges so feel free to stop thru the shop at our DJCity Supply Store. Until next time...Crooked signing out!

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