Monday, June 7, 2010

California Dreamin'...

I was in a LA a couple weeks ago for work and decided to stay an extra day to hang out & escape the Las Vegas heat. I met up with my boy DJ Rick Rude (Boston bred but now killing the LA club scene) who took me around to a few local shops like Supreme, The Hundreds, Diamond Supply Company & Turntable Lab. Later that day, I met up with my homie Ravi Drums (you may have seen him with Howie Mandel on the NBC show "This Is Howie Do It") who was performing at Drai's Hollywood pool party in the new W Hotel. Me & Ravi have performed a bunch of shows together, from San Diego to Winnepeg, and it's always incredible watching him blackout on the drums. Anyways, here's a few flicks I captured while I was lurking around in LA. I'll hopefully make it out there again real soon...Crooked signing out!

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