Friday, January 8, 2010


As some of you may or may not know, KNYEW's been open for 2 years now. Since our first day at the shop, we've had an abundant amount of requests for KNYEW stickers. Not a day goes by without a customer asking us "when are you guys gonna come out with some stickers or lighters". In all fairness, I definitely put the blame on myself but it's 2010...and KNYEW will be stickerless for no longer!!! I've been working on a bunch of new stickers including some of our past and upcoming designs here at KNYEW. These stickers are dropping sometime near the end of the January and there'll be Bic lighters, key chains, tote bags and more dropping in the next few months as well. I'm already working on beach balls & hand towels for the summer so stay tuned. Be on the look out for our 2 Year Anniversary tees as well...Crooked signing out!!!

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