Saturday, September 5, 2009


If you didn't already know...I hate Magic. It's a big headache and I hate talking to random people wearing combat boots with tight leather shorts, a Louis Vuitton fanny pack and a Davy Crockett coonskin hat. I'm sick of hipsters wearing sunglasses at night in the clubs and I hate opening accounts with new clothing brands who think they're too good for us because we don't skateboard or bike cross country.
Surprisingly, this season's trade show was nothing like this. The show was downsized and there were less people, less filler brands and more business taken care of. It was still a 20-30 minute wait for a cab but...that's Vegas.
The women at Magic are always something to look forward to but it's an unfortunate thing to see beautiful girls dressed in awful rhinestone dresses with skulls in top hats.
It was a pretty productive show and we opened alot of new accounts. These brands actually knew about the work we put in and heard of KNYEW from other labels. We're also the only independent streetwear boutique who survived the recession and that doesn't hurt either.In the next few months, expect to see new deliveries from In4mation, Black Scale, Benny Gold, Huf, Gourmet, Peinfeld and maybe Maiden Noir (if we still have a budget left). Our boy Sean Rademacher (KNYEW Designer) came along to walk the show with us & sat thru 2 hour meetings with no complaints. He's a trooper.
We stopped through FRANK 151 where Kenn's boy Mook was giving free cuts and shape-ups at the booth.We had a brief meeting with our boy Todd at FRANK 151. They supposedly have a Las Vegas team in the works for their New Eras (whuuut!!).We bumped into our K-Town girl Vivian from Creative Theory and our buddies Kelvin Chu & Eric Tam from He filmed an interview with Neva and Kenn for a KNYEW feature on his site that week. I was unfortunately too hungover & busy (yeh busy) to make the interview. I also hate interviews so I'm not too mad.Our boy DJ Zimmie stopped through from Pittsburgh to bathe in the Magic waters. Good looks on hooking up the sponsors for our "Backspin" event.
One of the nice things about Magic is the random pieces of graffiti art scattered out around the show. I don't know what they're there for but it looks good.
There was a nice tribute to DJ AM. He definitely had a big presence all week during Magic.
We hit up the Capsule show in the Sands Expo to talk with our boys over at THE HUNDREDS.
We had a 2-3 hour meeting with our boy David and placed an over-sized order for Spring and Summer 2010. We've got alot of new things popping with THE HUNDREDS. Be on the lookout for a collabo tee for our 2 Year Anniversary in November (keep your fingers crossed).
We bumped into the suave and sexy Mr. Albie, owner of LRG. If it wasn't for all that money, he'd probably be in the DJ circuit working the trenches with me & Neva but like I said...he's got all that money!!!
We almost passed them by but we made a quick stop at In4mation which turned out to be an hour long meeting.
Our boy Ryan showed us some amazing cut & sew pieces from In4mation and we quickly put together an order for their Fall & Winter 2009. We'll be getting a delivery from them any minute so be on the lookout.
KNYEW loves the kids. We...Love...The...Kids! Where ya pops at son?
Mighty Healthy had a photobooth setup in the middle of the S.L.A.T.E. show. Pretty brilliant marketing if you ask me. Check out all their photos on
We visited our favorite Murder Mami's at MARRIED TO THE MOB. Is that a gorilla using that poor girl as a wheel barrel?We went through a lot of great cut & sew pieces with our girl Lisa at MTTM. HELLZ BELLS & DIMEPIECE will be repping heavy at KNYEW as well so be on the look out ladies.After all our meetings, somewhere in the distance, we felt someone calling us. It was strong and we could not fight the urge. Is that a skull wearing red sunglasses?
Low and behold, we entered a new world of custom-made "Ed Hardy" mini-trucks. People would sit in these trucks and be instantly transformed into "douche bags".
Hark! Young Neva has found a "Christian Audigier" mini-truck. Will Neva submit to the "douche side"?The "douche" is strong and even Neva could not fight the urge to sit in this custom made "Christian Audigier" mini-truck and marinate in all it's "doucheness".Obviously, the "douche baggery" didn't stop there. There was an actual kingdom of "douches" that awaited us (btw it is a skull with red sunglasses).Behold!!! The king of all "douches" and the ruler of all "doucheness". The man who dresses Jon Gosselin from "Jon & Kate Plus Eight". The man who has made professional sports athletes think his clothing is "hip-hop", "trendy" and "man sexy". He's a genius and a monster...I could not stare into his eyes for too long for his "doucheness" over powered me.The "douche" king in all his "douche baggery" had one of his jesters perform for us. Mickey Avalon was his/her name. What a spectacle he/she was!!! He/she obviously infatuated the likes of this old man in front of me.What can we say? Could you find a more perfect way to end this trade show. Neva has fallen victim to Christian Audigier's whims and I will try my damndest to bring him back. Pray for the man...
For more info on "douche wear" and the evolution of fashion for @ssholes, log onto Until next time...Crooked signing out!!!

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