Sunday, September 6, 2009


Last Monday, Aug.31st, on the first day of the Magic Trade Show and in celebration of Neva's Birthday, we threw a huge party at JET Nightclub for our bi-monthly "Backspin" event. We brought out the legendary DJ Riz from Crooklyn Clan to guest spin the night with me & Neva and invited a bunch of friends to help host the party like Acapulco Gold, Caked Out, Diamond Supply, Guttersnipe, Mighty Healthy, Desert Scion LV & our boys at (DJs Quickie & Phenom). Needless to say, the event was incredible. DJ Riz probably played the best live set I've ever heard in my joke. I'll hopefully have some audio for you very soon so you can witness the live set for yourself. Thanks to all our peoples who came through (LA was definitely in the building). We'll see out for the next one in October...Crooked signing out!

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audio please!!!!