Friday, August 14, 2009

KNYEW : "Popsicle" Tank Top for Women

About 2 months ago, Sean (our designer) came up to me with this design for a t-shirt with the "Firecracker" aka "BombePop Jr." popsicle on it. It looked pretty sick but it wasn't really fitting for a mens t-shirt (men don't rep popsicles...pause). It was definitely something for a womens tee but I never really planned on developing shop tees for girls. As me & Sean kept playing with the design, it started to look even crazier & it was clear that we had to push this shirt for the ladies. Here's a closer look at the beginning stages for the "Popsicle" tank for women.

Here's the original "Firecracker" aka "BombePop Jr." popsicle that inspired our initial design
Sean went to work and created some quick mock-ups so we could get an idea of how the design should look on a shirt. I also decided to develop a name for our womens line and called it KNYEW PUSSE' (pronounced however you like). I didn't want our designs for women to get mixed up with our mens pieces...and it sounded pretty killer too (I had to convince Neva & Kenn that women wouldn't find the name too vulgar, hence the change in spelling lol).
We kept going back and forth on whether to have the popsicle on a crewneck or v-neck tee. We agreed that a tank top would definitely be the best way to go. We researched a couple of brands and decided that Alternative Apparel had the best cut and feel for this piece. You won't be disappointed ladies.
Here's the final "Popsicle" tank fom KNYEW PUSSE'.
It's available now at KNYEW so come thru and claim yours. I'll have actual photos of the tank top on the blog very soon. Crooked signing out.

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