Thursday, July 31, 2008


Saturday, August 9th & Sunday, August 10th, we're releasing a new line of KNYEW t-shirts for the summer season. These tees are limited edition pieces and will be available to the public for 2 days only. We've had alot of requests for KNYEW tees over the past few months and I've taken alot of time to make sure our designs came out perfectly. This collection is really for our loyal customers and long time supporters, which is why we're only allowing 2 days for people to purchase them. Check our blog for a sneak peek of our collection on Tuesday, August 5th.

Now, in celebration of the our KNYEW debut, we're having a huge sale and marking down prices 10% to 80% off the entire store. We're calling it our "APPRECIATION SALE!!!" All current season tees, button downs, jeans, shorts & hats are marked 10% - 20% off. All sale tees are $10 each and we're doing a special 3 tees for $25. We're even having a special $5 sale bin for past season tees.

You don't wanna miss this's gonna get UGLY!

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