Thursday, July 10, 2008

FREE GOLD WATCH: Special Edition Tees

I hit up our boys at Free Gold Watch a couple weeks ago to re-stock on a few of their tees. I mentioned that their "10 Crack Tee" and "Starks Tee" were the fastest selling pieces we've ever carried at the shop. We basically ran thru our whole stock in 3-4 days...kind of bananas. They offered to print up some custom colorways for us on the "10 Crack Tee" and we jumped at the opportunity. We got Biggie in Yankee blue, UNLV red & our own KNYEW & gold. Check the tees out and cop yours while they're still available. You ain't gonna find these joints anywhere else!

"10 Crack Tee" KNYEW Colors
"10 Crack Tee" UNLV Colors
"10 Crack Tee" YANKEE Blues
"Starks Tee" (Front)
"Starks Tee" (Back)

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