Tuesday, August 17, 2010

M.A.G.I.C...Walking the Show

It's about that time of the year when Vegas gets invaded by the retail fashion industry for the ever-so-hectic M.A.G.I.C. Trade Show. We, the KNYEW Crew, usually spend our days at Magic "walking the show", running through the convention halls, searching for new brands, meeting with old ones, discussing future trends in this rapidly evolving business of retail sales, and trading money-making secrets during a struggling economy. This year, the S.L.A.T.E. (Select Lifestyle Apparel Trend Emergence) show was definitely the place to be.

We made one of our first stops by the BLACK SCALE booth & peeped their upcoming Spring & Summer 2011 Collections. BS really stepped it up for 2011 and they're bringing in alot of great new cut & sew pieces next year. Stay tuned...
We bumped into Benny from BENNY GOLD and Mega the mastermind behind BLACK SCALE. Definitely good to see Bay Area heads staying close and keeping it in the fam. Mega got us majorly amped when he spoke about our upcoming BLACK SCALE x KNYEW collabo tees and snapbacks that he was working on. Should be availble in time for our 3 Year Anniversary in November.
We decided to keep the Bay Area vibe flowing and stop through HUF to say wuddup to our boy Keith, one of our biggest supporters of the "Tits x Bics x Stickers" photoshoot with Francine Dee. We'll definitely lace Keith with our Francine Dee t-shirts and posters when they drop in late September (keep an eye out Knyewtrons!).
Next stop was at THE HUNDREDS. We sat down for our usual 2 hour meeting with our boy David Miyataki (my favorite dirtbag drinking partner during Magic...hands down) and got a chance to discuss our upcoming THE HUNDREDS x KNYEW collaboration. We should have more info in the next few months but it looks like we'll have something special dropping in November for our 3 Year Anniversary. Big shout to Mr. Bobby Hundreds himself who gave me a few tips on stepping up my shitty camera game (little does he know that I'm an idiot).
Neva & Kenn took a break from all the machismo streetwear in the air to hang with our girls Amy from C'EST LA VIE and Miss La from THE FRESH FIENDS. Ofcourse, I'm stuck behind the camera :(
Apparently at S.L.A.T.E. there's always time for a quick game of air hockey (these chicks need to get fired).
The big star at the S.L.A.T.E. show was this caged baby white tiger showcased in the middle of the convention hall.
The trainer was kind enough to open the cage for me so I could snap a quick flick of this monstrous beast. Whose the lil' pussy that's scurred of Crooked's camera flash...?
In between meetings, I ran into B.O.T.Y National Break Champions and local Las Vegas heroes KNUCKLEHEAD ZOO. If you haven't seen them dance, check their site and get familiar.
Always in good spirits and paid out the anus, our boy Albie, owner of LRG, took some time out to hang with us and give us some advice on how to become multi-millionaires. It's not as easy as it seems lol.
And then, there was GOOD WOOD. We can't get enough of these guys!
I loved these new Ralph Lauren Polo Bears they mocked up. I want them all!!!
Nothing represents KNYEW more than these old school NYC MTA tokens. You'll see them soon at the shop...trust me.
Kenn & Neva got a chance to rap with NYC hip-hop veteran, Dante Ross, the man behind such groundbreaking groups like De La Soul and Brand Nubian.
Keeping it all in the NY family, we dropped by the FRANK 151 booth to say hello.
Kenn's boy Mook was at the FRANK 151 booth, once again, giving out free cuts and shape-ups. Our boy Dante Ross stopped thru to get a quick trim.
I made Neva pose for this pic. NEFF & Snoop Dogg apparently have something big brewing. Unfortunately, we'll never know cause I'll never really care enough to ask.
Saving the most hectic for last, we stopped through the CROOKS & CASTLES booth for our annual 2 hour meeting with B.J. aka Baby Neva. As usual, it was total chaos out front with velvet ropes and hostile Filipino girls asking intruding buyers if they had appointments.
We got a chance to finally meet Mink, one of our sales reps at CROOKS & CASTLES. Once again, I'm stuck behind the camera :(
During our meeting, I took some time to talk to our boy Chris about revamping the current CROOKS & CASTLES Rack at the shop and finalizing our upcoming CROOKS x KNYEW collabo tee for our 3 Year Anniversary. November should be a big month for KNYEW and we're looking forward to what CROOKS will have in store for us. I can't wait!
One of my favorite booths at the S.L.A.T.E. show was at DELICIOUS VINYL. This legendary record label responsible for hip-hop classics from artists like Masta Ace & The Pharcyde have expanded and released an amazing line of vintage tees.
This year's M.A.G.I.C. show turned out to be surprisingly fun and incredibly productive for the KNYEW Crew. We got a chance to acquire alot of great new brands and expand our business relations beyond just streetwear and clothing. There's alot of great projects coming up for KNYEW & I'm gonna try my best to keep up with everything and make sure it all gets done in time. Stay tuned my loyal Knyewtrons...Crooked signing out!!!

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