Monday, April 7, 2008

KNYEW in Austin, TX

I was in Austin, TX this weekend spinning at a couple of clubs (VICCI on Saturday & QUA on Sunday) and I decided to hit up some shops while I was out there. As soon as I landed and checked into the telly on Saturday, I hit up MOTIVE 807 and COMPLETE CLOTHING.

First Stop: MOTIVE 807
Located on 710 Brazos between 7th & 8th Street.
I met up with Fahad who was super cool and we chopped it up about the business for a lil' bit. He's been open for over 3 years, an O.G. in the game, and he was throwing me a lot of jewels. This is definitely the go-to spot for kicks and they had a really wide selection of clothing and accessories. Many thanks to Fahad for the hospitality and the Nike Terminators.

Located on 106 East 8th Street between Congress and Brazos.
Fahad actually recommended this spot to me which was located just around the corner from MOTIVE 807. I met up with Roy Castillo and his boys, who were all about the Playstation 3 hooked up in the shop (I was a lil' jealous). The layout and overall look inside was crazy. I liked alot of their tees and ended up copping a PLAIN GRAVY shirt for my night at the club. Goodlooking out fellas.

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